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Living costs

The monthly budget for living and studying in Finland (including food, accommodation, transport and entertainment) is about € 700-1000. It is advisable to budget a larger sum for the first month after your arrival, as there are always essential items which need to be bought in the beginning of your study period. The minimum monthly budget can be roughly divided as follows:

  • Rent:
    • Student housing € 300–600
    • Private housing € 500-850
  • Food: € 200-300
  • Transportation: € 60

Other expenses, e.g. study material, also need to be taken into account. Please note that expenses for study materials are relatively low in Finland, because you can borrow most books from Haaga-Helia's library or from other libraries. 

Student discounts

University students are entitled to discounts for various services in Finland.

  • All exchange students will receive a meal benefit card after their arrival to Haaga-Helia which entitles them to meal discount at all student restaurant in Finland.
  • Exchange students living in the Helsinki metropolitan area can also get a student discount on monthly travel card for local travel inside Helsinki metropolitan area. You can obtain the card during the orientation with your tutor group.

An easy option to get all the student discounts is to obtain a Haaga-Helia's student union's, Helga's, student union card. The card entitles you to the discounts on transportation (both local and long distance), meals and several other services (cultural and recreational activities) with one single card.

More information is given in the orientation.

Currency and Payments

Finland uses Euro (€, EUR, E, e) as its currency. Most stores accept Visa, MasterCard and debit cards. In general, Finns tend to prefer to pay by card.

If you need cash, you can obtain it from a cash machine in the Otto Network. Otto machines work with international cards bearing the following symbols: Visa, MasterCard, Visa Electron, Maestro, EC, Cirrus and Plus.

Bills, such as your rent, have to be normally paid on the receive's bank account.


Students coming to Haaga-Helia through the FIRST exchange programme need to open a Finnish bank account. Other students can also do it if necessary. The policy for opening a bank account depends on the bank, so it's very hard to give exact steps for opening a bank account. We recommend that you contact the bank beforehand and inquire the possibility of opening an account and asking what documents are needed. Banks in Finland are open Monday to Friday 9.30-16.15.

Banks operating in Finland:

We recommend to visit the bank with your tutor and scheduled an appointment with the bank in advance.