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Exchange students have a wide variety of courses in English to choose from at Haaga-Helia. We offer 13 degree programmes in Business, Tourism, Hospitality, Sports and IT taught completely in English. In addition, the degree programmes which are in Finnish, offer courses also in English.

Haaga-Helia has campuses in three different cities in Finland – Helsinki, Porvoo and Vierumäki. Students can select courses only from one city, due to the distances between these cities.

Degree Programmes in English

Please note, that the master level contact sessions are normally scheduled for the evenings and weekends, since they are targeted at students who work full-time. Master level courses are not available for exchange students who study on undergraduate level or students who are sent to Haaga-Helia within undergraduate level student exchange agreements.

StartUp School

Incoming exchange students can also take some of Haaga-Helia's StartUp School's courses in Helsinki, for example WarmUp Parade, Idea Contest, SUS Volunteer and Developing Entrepreneurial Mindset, when they are available. If you wish to take one of these courses, please attend StartUp School's info session to find out which course is suitable for you.

Professional Summer School

You can also apply to Professional Summer School arranged in cooperation by Haaga-Helia, Laurea and Metropolia Universities of Applied Sciences. More information, registration form and fees are available on the summer school's website later. There are no tuition fees for exchange students who come from Haaga-Helia´s, Laurea´s and Metropolia´s partner universities and study in Finland as exchange students at one of above mentioned universities the following semester after the summer school.


  • The credit system used at Haaga-Helia is ECTS. For information on how many of your home university's credits ECTS equals, please contact your home university's International Office.
  • Students should study the same subject area at Haaga-Helia as they study at their home institution, and have at least the basic studies (one year) of the subject area which they will be studying at Haaga-Helia. For example, if you study in a business programme at your home institution, you are not normally allowed to take courses from the tourism programmes at Haaga-Helia.
  • Students who do not study business, IT, tourism, hospitality or sports at their home institution will have a very limited selection of courses available at Haaga-Helia.
  • Exchange students are expected to have a good command of spoken and written English in order to be able to follow the lectures and complete the course assignments, oral presentations and exams. For more information on language requirements, please see How to Apply.
  • For some courses (especially advanced level business courses) students may have to pass a placement test in order to prove that they have the necessary prerequisites. On the basis of the test results, teachers decide whether a student can attend the course or not. 
  • Transcript of records (list of the courses and the grades which the student has completed during the exchange) will be sent to students' home university's international office automatically a month after the official end of the exchange semester. Please note that you do not have to request for the transcript separately from Haaga-Helia.
  • Haaga-Helia grading scale