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Partnerships with Businesses

Partnerships with Businesses

Haaga-Helia is a privately owned, government funded University of Applied Sciences with its roots in business life. One of Haaga-Helia’s core objectives is to help companies develop their businesses and to create new knowledge and new solutions for companies operating in the global market.

Some examples of business developments are:

  • Students, staff and business partners work closely together in R&D activities
  • International university partners bringing local knowledge to our business development and research projects
  • Tailor made programmes for human resource management

Haaga-Helia is involved in EU funded and other international projects with companies and university partners and in many smaller cooperation activities with local business and regional partners.

Cooperation may consist of:

  • Projects e.g. business development
  • Research theses (bachelor/masters)
  • Work placements

Our partners

  • OP-Pohjola
  • Sonera
  • Leasedeal Investment company
  • KPMG
  • ABB