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International co-operation

International co-operation

International co-operation is an important part of Haaga-Helia’s activities. A strong internationalization policy has led to agreements with almost 200 partner institutions around the world, securing mobility for students, faculty and other staff members.

To Haaga-Helia, sustainable collaboration with partner universities and companies abroad is of utmost importance and enhances the international dimension in all our activities. Annually, approximately 30% of our students acquire international experience abroad through student exchange or internship abroad. Hundreds of students also participate in short term studies abroad as an integrated part of their course curriculum.

International degree students and faculty, as well as exchange students and teachers contribute to a truly international study environment.

More than 1000 foreign degree students of over 90 nationalities study in our English degree programmes. Together with 350 inbound exchange students, they give an excellent opportunity to enhance foreign language communication competences and multicultural skills also at Haaga-Helia. The expertise provided by our guest lecturers is incorporated into a number of our regular courses.

In collaboration with the Foundation of Student Housing in the Helsinki region, we can assist students to find housing. Haaga-Helia’s International Student Associations IDS and ESN-HELGA play an active and important role in looking after the well-being of our international students and organize a wide range of activities. All our student services are available in English and extensive orientation programmes and peer tutors help students to settle in to Haaga-Helia and Finland.