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Announce job or workplacement opening for students

Announce job or workplacement opening for students

Through our recruitment site, you can offer Haaga-Helia students job openings, work placement and thesis topics etc. 

As an employer, you get to create, edit, view and delete the advert. Haaga-Helia’s Career and Recruiting Services, however, approve and publish each announcement separately. Announcements are published in 1-2 working days and they are visible only to Haaga-Helia students.

How to leave a job advertisement

  1. The employer registers as a user here. Read the register information here.
  2. The recruitment site sends the logins and password automatically to the user's e-mail. The link for the logins and the password will open only once! You can reset the password on the front page of LAURA™.
  3. The employer signs in at (LAURA™ front)
  4. The employer creates the announcement (text, images, videos, etc.) under “Create a new job”. Do not forget to post the information on how to apply for the job and the salary level!
  5. After completing at least all the mandatory sections, the employer sends the announcement to Haaga-Helia’s Career and Recruiting Services for approval by clicking the “Save” button.
  6. Haaga-Helia Career and Recruitment Services accept and publish the announcement or, if needed, sends it back with a modification request.
  7. If the employer wants to edit the already published announcement, it must be resubmitted for approval to Haaga-Helia’s Career and Recruiting Services.
  8. When the announcement expires, it is no longer visible to students, but is still available for the employer in the section “Modify jobs” where it can be edited and used again. After the announcement is expired, it closes automatically after one week.


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