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Open Path application

Open Path application

Studies starting in August 2020, application with Open UAS studies

The application period with studies completed in the Open UAS is from 24 March to 16 April 2020, 15.00 Finnish time. Full admission criteria are available in Studyinfo. Please read the admission criteria carefully through before applying.

Please note that this application process is for applicants who have already completed studies in an Open UAS in Finland and who wish to apply for a study place as degree student based on those studies. If you have no studies completed in an Open UAS in Finland, please apply in joint application or SAT application.

Please note the following change: An applicant through the Open Path applying for a Bachelor's degree programme is required to have at least 55 ECTS of degree programme specific Open UAS studies in Finland registered in the student register by the end of the application period.

Applicants for Master's degree programmes are required to have at least 30 ECTS of applicable Master's level Open UAS studies registered in the student register by 30 June 2020. In addition, applicants for Master's degree programmes must meet the eligibility requirements regarding a relevant Bachelor's degree and relevant work experience as defined in the admission criteria of each Master's degree programme.

Please note that all degree programmes require a minimum GPA of 3,0. If the applicant has completed at least 180 ECTS of applicable studies required for eligibility in Haaga-Helia UAS, the applicant may be selected on discretionary basis without an absolute minimum GPA requirement.

Note that only studies completed within the last ten years may be considered. Studies which have been completed in a programme leading to a UAS degree may be considered if the applicant has left the studies without completing the degree. Please note that any applicant through the Open Path may not have any study right in a Finnish UAS in studies leading to a degree.

Bachelor's degree programmes in English:

DP in Aviation Business
DP in Business Information Technology
DP in Business Service Solutions and Languages
DP in Hospitality, Tourism and Experience Management
DP in International Business
DP in International Sales and Marketing
DP in Sports Coaching and Management
DP in Tourism and Event Management

Master's degree programmes in English:

DP in Aviation and Tourism Business
DP in Business Technologies
DP in Leading Business Transformation


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