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Create your study plan

Create your study plan

1. Select courses from exchange students course lists

First select courses from the exchange student course list of your home campus. Please note that exchange students can only select courses from the exchange student course list. Courses available for exchange students have EXCH group code.

Exchange students can freely take courses from various degree programmes as long as the course prerequirements are met. Please find the pre-requirements from the course descriptions.

Course descriptions are available at in our system Mynet. You can check them when you get your inlog to MyNet (for spring semster in November/ for autumn in May) Search with the name of the course or course code (fist part).

2. Check that your courses do not overlap


SEARCH TAB: Search for courses you wish to select for your timetable

Go to the LEFT toolbar and select
1. Search: By group ID,
2. Search word: EXCH,
Press search
Go to the TOP toolbar on the top and select
4. Office: Your home campus at Haaga-Helia (check this from your acceptance letter),
5. Study starting: Next autumn/spring
Do not select language! All EXCH courses are taught in English.
ONLY PASILA/MALMI CAMPUS: The search tool shows max 100 courses. In order to see all the EXCH courses at Pasila/Malmi, please select also the degree programmes:
Business programmes: GLOBBA, HELI,  ASSI, MUBBA, MYYNTI, FINA
Information Technology programmes: BITE, HETI

6. Select courses to your timetable basket by clicking the icon
You can view the timetable of the course by clicking the icon

SCHEDULE TAB: View the schedule of your selected courses

Open the calendar and check that your courses are not overlapping. Check both periods

  • Autumn semester
    • 1. period August - October
    • 2. period October - December
  • Spring semester
    • 3. period January - March
    • 4. period March - May

Some courses last for one period, some two.
Please note that the virtual courses will not appear in the schedule, as they do not have any contact teaching.

3. Enrol for courses at Mynet