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Exchange students have a wide variety of courses in English to choose from at Haaga-Helia. We offer 11 degree programmes in Business, Tourism, Hospitality, Sports and IT taught completely in English. In addition, the degree programmes which are in Finnish, offer courses also in English.

Haaga-Helia has campuses in three different cities in Finland – Helsinki, Porvoo and Vierumäki. Students can select courses only from one city, due to the distances between these cities. Tourism and business students can be placed either to Helsinki or Porvoo, so please take this into consideration while planning your studies at Haaga-Helia.

Students should study the same subject area at Haaga-Helia as they study at their home institution. For example, if you study in a business programme at your home institution, you are not normally allowed to take courses from the tourism programmes at Haaga-Helia.

Porvoo campus, Porvoo​

Bachelor level studies in
- Business (Sales&Marketing)
- Tourism
- Aviation Business
Preliminary Course list Porvoo campus Autumn 2020

Course list Porvoo campus Spring semester 2020

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Vierumäki campus

Bachelor level studies in
- Sports Coaching and Management

Course lists and studying at Vierumäki



Pasila campus, Helsinki

Master level studies in
- International Management
- Tourism and Aviation
- Information Systems
- Communication Management
Studying on Master level
Course list AS19
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Please note that all courses are not offered every semester and the course offer might change for example due to curriculum changes. Therefore you should plan your studies at Haaga-Helia only after the course timetables have been published.