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Graduate Certificate in Service Excellence, 15 Credits

Graduate Certificate in Service Excellence, 15 Credits

Graduate Certificate is designed for candidates who seek a short, focused, graduate-level business program that covers the essential elements of a service business management.
This Graduate certificate provides students with the opportunity to gain a latest understanding of contemporary service business practices.

Programme Structure

• Further education program in English 15 credits (ECTS), 5 courses, 3 credits each
• The study plan is tailor-made after student’s needs
• Studies at Pasila Campus once a month, 2 days, Friday to Saturday, not in July - August
• Web-based learning supports the learning process
• Possible to join foreign immersion program, academic program combined with industry visits to local service providers
• Lecturers from Haaga-Helia, partner universities and experts from industry

Programme has continuous admission available throughout the year. Link to the application form here.
Price for Graduate Certificate in Service Excellence is 3.900 euros + VAT 24 %.


Service and Sales Management
• Service Management and Marketing
• Customer Relationship Management
• eMarketing and Social Networks
• Strategic Service Brand Management
• Quality Management in Service Business
• Sales Management
• Service innovation, Design and Creation of Customer Value

Strategic Management
• Strategy workout: Analysis, Design and Implementation tools
• Strategic Networks, Joint Ventures and Alliances
• Strategic Renewal and Turnaround Management

Financial Management
• Financial Analysis
• Investments, Mergers and Acquisitions
• International Aspects of Finance, Accounting and Taxation

Change Management
• Exploring Organizational Changes
• Corporate Communication

Strategic HR Management
• Strategic Human Resources and Competence Development
• Organizational Behaviour and Change
• Managerial Work in Service Business

Managerial Accounting and Law
• Managerial Accounting
• Managerial Law and Intellectual Property Rights


eMBA Office: 
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