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eMBA in Service Excellence, 90 cr

eMBA in Service Excellence, 90 cr

The Haaga-Helia Executive MBA in Service Excellence is a further education programme with a clear focus in Service Management in the B2B and B2C-markets. The programme is aimed at senior managers, experienced professionals and future leaders who want to deepen their knowledge in management services in their industry. Participants should have a current role or experience in their organisation’s strategic development and transformation or are planning to assume such a role in the future. In today’s global service business environment, ambition is vital for continuous renewal. The eMBA programme will give you the theoretical background and skills to support your ambition and help you achieve even greater success.

In a nutshell:

·        Two-year, 90 credits (ECTS), part-time programme

·        Two contact days each month (Friday-Saturday)

·        Unique content with a comprehensive service management structure


Subjects cover all areas of Service Management needed to succeed in the modern business life. Read more about the modules here. Information about the lecturers giving the courses can be found here.

The programme offers career and professional development planning, which includes a personal DiSC-profile.

The programme includes a foreign immersion programme abroad (travel expenses and required literature not included).

Elective Studies can be chosen freely from Haaga-Helia Master´s Degree course offering.

The Programme includes thesis writing and supervision. Many students do this for their organization to maximize the benefit from the programme.

Graduates from the programme receive their diploma and tools to advance their career. To read testimonials from our alumni, see the Testimonials.


The full 90 credit eMBA in Service Excellence programme starts each January. The online admission is open all year. The candidates must submit their fully completed application form with all the relevant attachments to the Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences. Haaga-Helia applies strict entrance criteria in order to ensure that only students who will be successful in our programmes will be selected. The application process assesses work experience, academic achievement and personal qualities. The online application form can be found here

For further information about the application process and admission, please contact eMBA Office:

Riku Korosuo, eMBA Programme manager | Tel +358 40 488 7391 | Email:

Inkeri Pärnä-Karhu, eMBA Programme assistant | Tel +358 40 488 7146 |


For applicants to the Haaga-Helia eMBA programme, the following requirements should be fulfilled:

  • At least a Bachelor degree or equivalent and three years of relevant work experience with managerial responsibilities
  • If you do not have an undergraduate degree, a relevant professional or training qualification and a minimum of five years’ managerial experience may suffice.
  • Proven ability to study in English

Application Period: The next full eMBA programme starts in January 2018, and the admission is open all year.

The tuition fee for programme is 23.500€ + VAT.