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Diploma in Service Excellence, 30 credits

Diploma in Service Excellence, 30 credits

Haaga-Helia Diploma in Service Excellence is designed for those seeking a foundation in business fundamentals to help them become more efficient and effective managers and administrators. This unique programme prepares students from a variety of backgrounds to step forward confidently in their careers as administrators and managers. Students who wish to go on to complete the eMBA in Service Excellence can transfer their credits from the Diploma in Service Excellence to eMBA option.


• Further education program in English 30 credits (ECTS), 10 courses, 3 credits each
• The study plan is tailor-made after student’s needs
• Studies at Pasila Campus once a month, 2 days, Friday to Saturday, not in July - August
• Web-based learning supports the learning process
• Possible to join foreign immersion program, academic program combined with industry visits to local service providers
• Lecturers from Haaga-Helia, partner universities and experts from industry

Programme has continuous admission available throughout the year. Link to the application form here.
Price for Diploma in Service Excellence is 7.300 euros + VAT 24 %.


Service and Sales Management
• Service Management and Marketing
• Customer Relationship Management
• eMarketing and Social Networks
• Strategic Service Brand Management
• Quality Management in Service Business
• Sales Management
• Service innovation, Design and Creation of Customer Value

Strategic Management
• Strategy workout: Analysis, Design and Implementation tools
• Strategic Networks, Joint Ventures and Alliances
• Strategic Renewal and Turnaround Management

Financial Management
• Financial Analysis
• Investments, Mergers and Acquisitions
• International Aspects of Finance, Accounting and Taxation

Change Management
• Exploring Organizational Changes
• Corporate Communication

Strategic HR Management
• Strategic Human Resources and Competence Development
• Organizational Behaviour and Change
• Managerial Work in Service Business

Managerial Accounting and Law
• Managerial Accounting
• Managerial Law and Intellectual Property Rights


eMBA Office: 
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Inkeri Pärnä-Karhu, eMBA Programme assistant | Tel +358 40 488 7146 |