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Vocational Guidance Counsellor Education

Vocational Guidance Counsellor Education

Haaga-Helia Vocational Guidance Counsellor Education (60 ECTS credits) is a study programme for teachers who aim to work as guidance counsellors in universities of applied sciences or at vocational institutions/colleges. If you have a Master’s degree, this programme qualifies you for guidance counsellor’s positions in comprehensive school (‘peruskoulu’) and upper secondary school (‘lukio’) as well. The duration of the studies is 12 months.

Guidance and counselling in vocational education gives holistic support for students at different stages of study. The aim is to increase the wellbeing of students, prevent drop-out, enhance employment and promote enrollment to further education.

Haaga-Helia Vocational Guidance Counsellor Education program covers extensively the latest theoretical and methodological areas in guidance and counselling. In addition, it develops the teacher’s individual counselling skills and understanding of the relevance of guidance at different periods of life. Students also engage in discussion about professional ethics in counselling and learn how to organize and coordinate guidance together with teachers and other staff in their organizations.

The studies consist of a mix of different learning environments and media, such as contact days, team work, independent work with assignments and literature and on-the-job-learning and work-related assignments. Studies are personalized, and each guidance counselor student creates a personal development plan. Personal progress is assessed throughout the programme.

Further information:

Ms Päivi-Katriina Juutilainen, principal lecturer,

Mr Mika Saranpää, education manager,