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Degree Programme in International Business Management, Helsinki

Degree Programme in International Business Management, Helsinki

Haaga-Helia International Business Management Master’s studies offered me an opportunity to challenge my views in a group of highly motivated and talented people. Due to MBA programme’s practical mind-set and suitable connections to business life, I was able to combine my studies to my work in a productive and flexible way. The discussions we had within our study groups gave me new insights into current international business themes and therefore helped me to grow as a professional. -Ossi Kontio, HR Manager, Reaktor

Master's Degree Programme in International Business Management educates young professionals to become successfull in managing international business. The programme is conducted in English and can be completed within 1½-2 years in Haaga-Helia  University of Applied Sciences, Helsinki Finland.

This programme is offered entirely in English and it leads to an internationally recognized degree called Master of Business Administration. Accomplishing IBMA takes around 1½-2 years of part-time studies. The contact sessions are scheduled for the evening hours and for the weekends because this programme is targeted at students who work full-time.

The goal of IBMA is to develop students' international business management skills and competencies through a variety of courses and through personal tutoring in their work development project/s as their Master's thesis. The thesis writing starts from the very beginning of the programme. Students are expected to act as change agents by applying their knowledge in practice that will make them and their organizations competitive players in international business.

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Master’s degree studies that begin in August 2018