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Transfer, Master's DP in English

Transfer, Master's DP in English

♦ You can apply for transfer to Haaga-Helia UAS is you are studying in the same language in a similar degree programme in a University of Applied Sciences in Finland as the programme to which you wish to transfer and the title of the objective degree would not change in the transfer.
♦ You need to apply for transfer if you are studying in Haaga-Helia UAS and would like to change from one degree programme to another within Haaga-Helia and the change would affect the title of the objective degree (for example Master of Business Administration, tradenomi > Master of Hospitality Management, restonomi).

Haaga-Helia UAS will be able to consider a transfer if there is a vacant study place in the right semester. Please notice that it depends on the content, amount and quality of the completed studies if the courses are suitable for a certain vacant study place on a certain semester.

You must have
♦ been registered as an attending student for at least one semester by the beginning of the next semester in Haaga-Helia and
♦ completed enough courses in order to be able to complete the new degree programme in standard study time.
Transfer student's study right is determined by the degree to which he/she has transferred. The semesters during which you have been enrolled as attending or non-attending during your previous study right will be included when determining the remaining study time of the degree to which you have been transferred.

Transfer Application period for education starting in August 2018
May 2 to 16, 2018

The admission requirements have been published in Studyinfo.
The application form will be available on May 2, 2018.

The following Master's degree programmes will not be open for transfer:
♦ Communication Management
♦ Information Systems Management
There aren't any vacant study places in the degree programmes mentioned above.

Admission decisions will be published by June 21, 2018 at the latest. Study place must be confirmed by July 10, 2018 at 15.00 at the latest.
A transfer student must enrol as an attending student for the first semester in Haaga-Helia.

An applicant has a right to appeal in writing concerning the transfer decision within 14 days of the publishing of the results. The appeal must be sent to the admission services but is to be addressed to the Collegiate Body of Haaga-Helia UAS.