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Contents and application information

Contents and application information



a) theoretical and practical lectures from the leading apa-experts in Europe and in Finland
b) some visits to Finnish institutions (e.g. rehabilitation center, prison, psychiatric hospital)
c) 7-10 practical projects, in which students will try the theoretical things they have learned in to practice (John Dewey: Learning by Doing).

EUDAPA Programme in Terms of Courses (total 30 credits):

Adapted Physical Activity: Common studies for all EUDAPA students. 15 ECTS.

This includes themes:

Optional studies: Every student chooses one of these 3 (below) learning environments. All three are worth of 15 ECTS.

For all themes mentioned you will find learning objectives (competence based) from here and here.


Funding is based on Erasmus/Socrates agreements between Haaga-Helia UAS and the participating university. A special agreement for EUDAPA will be made. This will make it possible to the sending university to support financially the participating student (and teacher as well). Haaga-Helia UAS will provide the Finnish experts.

Costs for a student for accommodation from 26.1.- 30.4.2020 in double rooms in a flat with 2 rooms + joint kitchen + joint bathroom is about 300€/month. More information about student accomodation is available student.accommodation(a) Application form here. Student lunch at the university is 2,60€. For the inclusive wintersports week some extra 150-250€ is needed for transportation & lodging. For the educational trip to another European country Haaga-Helia will subsidize 150€. The education itself is free.

You can find the programme of 2019 from this website (Weekly themes). EUDAPA 2020 programme will be published in December 2019.


Please fill in the application form by 1.11.2019. If you have questions concerning the application form contact noora.viljanen(at) The application form will be published here in June 2019.
The last day for applications is 1.11.2019. We will inform the selected students before 15.11.2019.
Any questions or further information about the programme contact: jyrki.vilhu(a)

ELIGIBILITY for a student:

  •     at least 10 ects of apa (or apa-related) studies at home university
  •     sufficient/good knowledge of English
  •     the student's home university and Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences has to have a bilateral Erasmus+ agreement