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eMBA Programmes

eMBA Programmes

Why choose Haaga-Helia’s eMBA?

The excellent feedback Haaga-Helia’s Executive MBA’s receives is due to the pedagogical excellence of the lecturers, who use multi-faceted teaching methods to introduce the different fields of business to the students by using real-life case studies, practical tools and particularly the experiences of the participants.

Haaga-Helia’s eMBA in Service Excellence is based on modules tailored specifically to eMBA students. The programme does not use Haaga-Helia’s other courses or book examinations and the online modules represent only 10 % of the programme content.  Close cooperation with experts from different sectors means that students receive an extensive and in-depth perspective on a variety of themes and excellent networking opportunities. The networking even continues after the programme via the eMBA’s alumni activities.


The Programmes

eMBA in Service Excellence, 90 credits

The Haaga-Helia executive MBA in Service Excellence is a comprehensive programme for those individuals who already have work experience and now want to deepen their managerial and strategic skills and really have the hunger to learn more. The focus is on Service Management tackling strategic and management issues from multiple perspectives. Concentrating on services across all industries, the programme offers a solid base for the development of management and leadership skills. The programme aims to develop high calibre executives, while providing value and vision to their companies.

Diploma in Service Excellence, 30 credits (10 modules)

The Diploma in Service Excellence is designed for those seeking a foundation in business fundamentals to help them become more efficient and effective managers. This extensive combination of modules prepares students from a variety of backgrounds to deepen their expertise, strengthen their vision in executive positions and gives them the tools to lead and step forward confidently in their careers. The Diploma in Service Excellence is tailor-made for each student individually.

Graduate Certificate in Service Excellence,  15 credits (5 modules)

The Graduate Certificate is designed for students who seek a short, focused, graduate-level business programme that covers the essential elements of a service business management. This certificate holds 5 modules the students choose for themselves. The aim is to understand the contemporary service business practices in their field and fill any gaps in their skill set. The Graduate Certificate is tailor-made for each individual student on their specific needs and interests.