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Career story: Finding positive solutions

Career story: Finding positive solutions

I love Haaga-Helia because it has provided me with many precious opportunities to apply my theoretical knowledge into practice, which helps me transit from my student life to a career smoothly and successfully.

The most impressive aspect of Haaga-Helia is that the college offers students many practical projects throughout their studies. By participating in these projects I have gained a lot of experience, sharpened my skills and broadened my view of the real world. That turns out to be a great asset in my business life.

Besides being active in various Haaga-Helia projects, I also worked as a Sales Associate in a local watch and jewelry store located in Downtown Helsinki. Working with Finns has helped me not only improve my Finnish, but also gain insights into the local culture. My internship combined with my thesis was completed at the working place.

After graduation from Haaga-Helia in December 2017, I moved back to my home country and took a break of about 5 months. During that time, I attended many job interviews and finally found a position as a Marketing Manager at Honor, which is a sub-brand belonging to networking and telecommunications equipment and services company Huawei. Now I am based at Headquarter China and constantly make business trips to Finland, as I am mainly responsible for Finnish digital marketing at the moment.

I think the following factors contributed to my appointment, and success in my job: Firstly, what I learned from my major in Marketing at Haaga-Helia has been very useful and helpful in my job search and interviews. Secondly, all the projects I finished at Haaga-Helia increased my confidence and independence in a business setting. Thirdly, last but not least, I can speak moderate Finnish.

I enjoy my current job and I am open to all the opportunities in the future. Nevertheless, many sleepless nights, doubts and worries of various changes and decisions are all part of life. My solution to this is facing reality bravely, being open to discuss any problems and finding positive solutions.

Believe in yourself and follow your heart, eventually you will find your way.


Debbie Zhu

Marketing Manager, Honor Overseas Marketing Dept; Huawei Device Co., Ltd