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Degree Programme in Hospitality, Tourism and Experience Management

Degree Programme in Hospitality, Tourism and Experience Management

Full-time studies that begin in August 2017

campus: Haaga

  • title: restonomi (AMK) (Bachelor of Hospitality Management)
  • 210 credit points (ECTS)
  • the application period is from 10 January to 1 February 2017
  • entrance examination: 6 - 7 April 2017
  • see application information on website
  • please read more about tuition fee
  • application statistics

The degree programme in Hospitality, Tourism and Experience Management provides students competencies for one of the world’s most dynamic and leading socio-economic sectors.
There are three fields of expertise offered for a group of 20 students in each:

  • Accommodation Management,
  • Food and Beverage Management
  • Tourism Experience Management with two sub specialisations for 10 students in each:
    • Competitive Tourism Destinations
    • Developing Transportation, Travel Agency and Event Management Business

The programme provides students with numerous learning opportunities that help them to prepare for management careers in Finland and abroad.

The programme takes a unique approach and offers a modular curriculum with knowledge, skills and attitudes critical to an ever competitive environment.

“My decision of studying at Haaga Campus is probably one of the best I have made in my life. As a foreign student in Finland, the study environment and the internationalism in the study scope were something I particularly treasured. The degree programme excelled me in presentation, project management and team working skills. Being an entrepreneur, I realised that the education and support I received provided me a steady foundation to start my career. I would recommend ​without hesitation anyone to pursue this degree programme and receive a Bachelor's degree in Hospitality Management.”

Evon Söderlund

"I have maintained a close relationship with Haaga-Helia even after graduation. I also got the primary introduction with my current employer via Haaga while still working in Finland.

My recommendation for the students aiming for an international career is to take each and every opportunity to go abroad during the studies: internships, exchange programme, competitions all help in building the network which will help you find and land a position abroad. Hospitality is growing on a global scale and continues to offer possibilities to experience different cultures and destinations, whereas many other industries suffer and must undergo drastic changes.

I have never regretted my choice to work in this field and Haaga-Helia offers the best possible education for it in Finland!"

Jaakko Eskola