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Student testimonial: Networking is the key to success

Student testimonial: Networking is the key to success

Konsta Nieminen, Aviation Business student

"Connecting and networking are extremely important for a success in any business. You have to know people in order to get your foot in the door and get the career of your dreams.

My dream has been to build a career in the aviation industry, and already now, in the first year of my studies, aviation business programme has given me great opportunities to get in touch with the experts in my field, namely via our various study projects.

In our studies, we work in projects that simulate real life working place and enable us to network with aviation organisations, to show our ambition, enthusiasm and talent.

For example, I have been fortunate to participate in study trips, one to Toulouse, France and second one to Saint Petersburg, Russia. During these trips, I have gained many useful professional contacts and advanced my plans for further studies and internship.

Yet the most exciting part of the semester was however our Future of Aviation-seminar, an industry event, where I worked as a project manager. Even if my previous project management experience had been very limited, the motivation and great support of my classmates have been the key to my success. We delivered a fantastic event with a very ambitious programme and excellent feedback from participants.

Aviation Business Programme has an atmosphere, which empowers students to be in control of their studies, to try and to learn in very exciting ways. Here you do not have to be an expert in aviation or any other field to start. True motivation is all that counts."

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