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Student testimonial: From a school project to a successful internship

Student testimonial: From a school project to a successful internship



Ricardo Turpin, Brazil

I am a Brazilian International Sales and Marketing student in Haaga-Helia’s Porvoo Campus. In 2015, the former president of Brazil had visited Finland to discuss education export. As an education enthusiast, I embraced that and decided to apply to Haaga-Helia.

By the second semester of 2017, my class did a project with a Finnish startup called Seppo. Their product is a browser-based application for creating learning games. When I heard they had also started selling their gamification platform to schools and universities in Brazil, I immediately introduced myself and offered to help them. Three months later, I had a contract for a six-month internship with Seppo in Brazil.

The internship was a professional and personal success. I had the chance to participate in all stages of the sales process, working closely with the CEO and directors both at Seppo and at their customers. I participated in fairs and events in the educational field and was able to close sales to an end. I also met people from the Finnish National Agency for Education and the Finnish embassy in Brazil, including the consul and ambassador, which was an honor.

After returning to Finland, I am still in contact with Seppo. I was invited to host and present them for two groups of school owners from Brazil, and they are planning to hire me in the future.

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