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Sky Sone was born in the United States and grew up on a farm in Chi­le. She came to Finland in 2010, and soon started studies at Haaga-Helia in the Degree Programme for Multilingual Ma­na­ge­ment Assistants.

Sky has a truly multicultural background, which is also reflected in her full name Soledad Sky Michiko Sone Green. ”My mom is American and my dad is Chilean-Japanese.” Sky was born in the United States, but moved to Chi­le when she was four. She went back to the States to finish high school, but returned to Chi­le afterwards. After travelling around the world she moved to Finland, which seemed like a count­ry full of study opportunities.


Sky grew up in Chi­le. Her mom is American and her dad is Chilean-Japanese.

At first it was difficult for Sky to adjust to living in Finland. ”I didn’t know what to expect. It was a cultural shock. I was really shocked that people didn’t have that much interaction.” After a few years living here, however, she is starting to adapt to Finns being quiet. After she started her studies in the Degree Programme for Multilingual Ma­na­ge­ment Assistants at Haaga-Helia things started looking up. ”It helped me to adjust. You meet people there. If you don’t have friends, you really don’t adapt.”

There are students from many different nationalities in Sky’s degree programme.

Sky chose to apply to Haaga-Helia because she did research and a lot of people had good things to say about the school. She picked the Degree Programme for Multilingual Ma­na­ge­ment Assistants because she’d had previous experience in administration. ”Haaga-Helia also seemed very international. That’s one of the reasons I wanted to go there.” Now Sky has many classmates from many different nationalities. In her group alone there are students from Russia, Tai­wan, Viet­nam, Germany, Ecu­a­dor, Chi­le and the United States as well as China. ”Haaga-Helia has a positive atmosphere and people are quite supportive of each other. People there are also really relaxed and easy-going.”

Haaga-Helia has a positive atmosphere.

Sky says the degree programme focuses on both bu­si­ness and administration and includes courses in marketing, economics, organizational communication, accounting, computer skills and, of course, languages. Her language studies consist of Spanish, English and Finnish. Sky is fluent in the first two but Finnish has caused her trouble. ”There’s also Russian, German and Chinese that you can study. I was taking Chinese in the beginning but it was so difficult.” Although Sky found Chinese difficult, she still thinks Finnish has been one of the biggest challenges in her studies.

Students who graduate from the Degree Programme for Multilingual Ma­na­ge­ment Assistants have relatively many job opportunities in Finland. ”It’s up to what kind of company you want to work for. Every company needs someone for administration. The degree programme doesn’t prepare you only to be a ma­na­ge­ment assistant.” Sky says that depending on what you choose you can work in marketing, HR, or communications. She is specializing in marketing.

After graduation Sky would like to work in marketing, maybe for an agricultural company. ”My dad’s in agriculture. We’ve lived on a farm in Chi­le. That’s been like my whole life.” She says that her father has been growing the flower lilium to sell them in Chi­le and also pansies to export its seeds. Perhaps in the future Sky will be a big name in the flower bu­si­ness. ”I would really like to be importing flowers to Finland. That is just so nice. Who doesn’t like flowers?”

Sky loves nature both in Chile and Finland.

What is new with Sky in spring 2015?

Sky has graduated in February 2015, and is now working at a jewellery shop as a Sales Representative and Assistant Store Manager. Her future plans include applying to a Master’s degree at Arts Management.

– I have been involved in the arts my whole life. While writing my thesis, which was a marketing communications plan for painter Toshio Sone Vasquez, I became very interested in the subject of arts management and event planning.

– The combination of my earlier business studies and future studies could help me for my future career.