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Application - Vocational Teacher Education

Application - Vocational Teacher Education

The application period for Vocational Teacher Education has ended on 30 January 2018 at 15.00 Finnish time. Full admission criteria, list of required documents and the online application form are available in Studyinfo.

There is a maintenance break in the Studyinfo service during approximately 1 February 2018 at 16.30 and 6 February 2018 at 8. During this time, the Studyinfo service as well as the My Studyinfo service are not available to applicants. Admissions officers are also not able to access the system during the maintenance break.

Eligibility requirements in a nutshell

In most cases the eligibility requirements are:

  • a relevant university or polytechnic/UAS degree and
  • a minimum of three years of work experience in a field corresponding to the degree.

In the field of social services and health (excl. the field of beauty care) the requirements are either a relevant Master's degree and three years of work experience corresponding to the degree or a relevant polytechnic/UAS degree and five years of work experience corresponding to the degree. For aspiring teachers of so-called general subjects (e.g. languages) of vocational institutions the requirement is in most cases a relevant Master's degree with no work experience requirement.

See admission criteria 2018 in short. The full admission criteria are available in Studyinfo. Please read the full admission criteria carefully through before applying.

The lowest accepted admission point score in Haaga-Helia for the group in English in 2017 was 20,5. Please note: The admission criteria have been renewed and the lowest accepted scores of the previous year are no longer applicable.

Recognition of non-Finnish degree

Please notice that if

  • you have completed your university degree outside the Nordic Countries, or
  • your university degree is a degree in the educational field of Social Services and Health and you have not completed your degree in Finland, or
  • your university degree is less than three years in extent and you have completed it in the Nordic countries, or
  • you belong to so-called General Subject Teacher applicants and you have completed your degree outside Finland,

a recognition of your degree from the Finnish National Agency for Education is required. For more information, please visit
The process of recognition may take three to four months, so please apply for the recognition by FNAE as early as possible. Without the decision on recognition, your application cannot be considered.

Further information
phone +358 40 488 7554 or +358 40 488 7520
NB. On Tue 6 February 2018 limited customer service.