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Haaga-Helia's feedback related to the company image

Haaga-Helia's feedback related to the company image
  • Haaga-Helia's image study
  • Certificates, other awards and feedback
  • Haaga-Helia's feedback as an employer
  • International evaluation and confessions

Haaga-Helia's image study

According to the image study made by Taloustutkimus Oy in 2015 Haaga-Helia is still the best known university of applied sciences among the young people. Haaga-Helia placed third in attractiveness. Taloustutkimus Oy has surveyed the images of the Finnish universities of applied sciences already fourteen times. About 1 200 young people answered an inquiry. Haaga-Helia was placed in first position on "is well present in social media". The affirmative estimates also were given in the claims in ”positive media visibility ”, "standing out for its benefit from other universities of applied sciences", "being a forerunner" and "the attractiveness of the location”.

Haaga-Helia's brand

According to the PR Barometri 2012 study, Haaga-Helia has a strong and convincing image.

IROResearch Oy studied the company image of Haaga-Helia in the spring of 2016. In connection with the study,150 of Haaga-Helia's present customers, partners and company decision-makers of the metropolitan area companies were interviewed.  Haaga-Helia's strengths were identified as a result of study: close connection to real work, customer orientation, quality level, competence of personnel, active marketing, reliability and internationality. The companies hoped that Haaga-Helia would develop cooperation further and be more active in communication.

Haaga-Helia as an employer

According to the working climate -survey  that have been done to the Haaga-Helia's staff the average of the working climate index has risen every study year.  The working climate index was 4,53 in  2012 and in former survey in 2009 it was 4,49. According to the results of the study identified strengths from our resource are the strong know-how, motivation and commitment of the staff and good solidarity and work atmosphere. Furthermore, employees of Haaga-Helia want to do their best so that Haaga-Helia would go well. These are the strengths that Haaga-Helia cherish. On the basis of the results with these strengths Haaga-Helia has got excellent possibilities to put into practice its value foundation (we work as a leading team to reform) and meet the change challenges of the field of Finnish universities of applied sciences to be able to continue as the leading pioneer of the field.

Evaluations and confessions

OECD's evaluation

The State of Higher Education 2013
OECD Higher Education Programme (IMHE)

Sales Education Foundation (SEF) 2013

Haaga-Helia is among the best trainers of the sales. Sales Education Foundation (SEF) gives the confession to the  Haaga-Helia's training programme of the sales. Most of the universities that have been mentioned on the list published by the SEF are located in the United States and there is only few European in this group.

Haaga-Helia was granted Achiever certificate

Balance Consulting, the analysis unit of Kauppalehti Oy, has granted Achiever status to Haaga-Helia for its financial performance. Companies receiving Achiever certification are stable businesses with solid growth, good financial results and profitability, a strong financial structure and liquidity to ensure continued operation. A comparison of these key indicators has put Haaga-Helia in the top tier of its own industry and the entire country. The comparison was made on the basis of financial statement data from December 2012.