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Minna Hiillos, Vice President

Minna Hiillos, Vice President

Minna Hiillos

Minna Hiillos, Deputy President and the Director of Business Programmes, serves espesially as the deputy president of teaching and is responsible for the function of the Business Programmes.

Minna Hiillos has worked in the university sector earlier for about twenty years. In her previous position she was responsible for the MBA and EMBA programmes of Aalto and worked as a vice-dean in Aalto University Executive Education and as a leader of the area of business. In Svenska Handelshögskolan Hiillos worked for 12 years in the different teaching and study tasks. She also has experience of the training and recruiting of the staff.
Minna Hiillos has taken the degrees of a Master of Science in Economics and Business Administration and Doctor of Science in Economics and Business Administration in Svenska Handelshögskolan. Furthermore, she has studied Romance philology in the University of Helsinki.

Hiillos has academic publications in the area of organisation behaviour, the organisational psychology and woman leadership. She is an asked speaker especially in the area of the woman leadership.