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Sport and Athlete Analysis

Sport and Athlete Analysis

Code: COA1SD001

Extent: 15 ECTS (390 h)

Timing: Semester 1

Language: English

Level: Professional studies  

Type: Compulsory  

Starting level and linkage with other courses: No prerequisites.


Learning outcomes

The student has skills to analyze and evaluate his/her sport, game and athlete pathways. The student is able to identify the athletic developmental stages and needs of the team and individual athlete. In his/her sport analysis and athlete pathway assignments the student recognizes both individual- and team level coaching processes and different coaching environments. The student is able to recognize his/her professional capabilities in relation to the current context s(he) is operating. The student has skills to find, understand, evaluate and use information related to the context they are working. The student has skills to produce information for working life needs.

Course contents

  • Athlete pathways
  • Sport and game analysis

Cooperation with the business community

The students will cooperate with local clubs, FIHA and IIHCE.

International dimension

The international partners of this course are the International Ice Hockey Federation and other sport specific federations and clubs.

Recognition of prior learning (RPL)

Recognition of prior learning is a process whereby, through assessment, credit is given to learning which has already been acquired in different ways, e.g.  with earlier studies or working experience. RPL gives  a student an opportunity to demonstrate his/her knowledge and skills.  A student displays with the competence demonstration that s/he manages the course objectives and contents mentioned in the course description. It is possible to participate in the competence demonstration only once before taking the course. A competence demonstration is assessed on the scale from 1 to 5.

Teacher(s) responsible

Mika Vähälummukka, Tomi Paalanen, Markus Arvaja, Juha Vuori

Course materials

Material from seminars, research studies, and other coaching education material distributed in the class.