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Coaching Profile 2

Coaching Profile 2

Code: COA2SD008

Extent: 5 ECTS

Timing: Semester 4

Language: English

Level: Professional studies  

Type: Compulsory  

Starting level and linkage with other courses:

Coaching profile 1


Learning outcomes

The student further develops capabilities in adjusting one’s behavior to increase the effectiveness of the coaching process. The student deepens the understanding on the role of different components in building the environment for learning and development and, with that, stronger individual engagement and effectiveness in athlete development. The student is also introduced with the different elements involved in adjusting one’s behavior in the professional context of coaching. Using feedback from different stakeholders, student is able to extend the development plan in both, behavior- and competence-related aspects with direct relevance in real-life situations.

Course contents

  • Intrapersonal skills in coaching
  • Interpersonal skills in coaching
  • Professional competence in coaching

Cooperation with the business community

The course is completed in co-operation with the Sport Institute of Finland and national associations governing different sports at the national level. Coaching profile analysis is completed in local clubs involving the respective stakeholders.

International dimension


Recognition of prior learning (RPL)


Teacher(s) responsible

Teacher tutors; Markus Arvaja, Pasi Mustonen, Tomi Paalanen, Mika Vähälummukka

Course materials