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Optional Studies

Optional Studies

Code: OPT3SP001

Extent: 10 ECTS

Timing: I year autumn – II year spring

Language: English

Level: Advanced Professional Studies

Type: Compulsory


Learning Outcomes:

Content: Depends on the selected way to pass the course. It is normally international seminar abroad or International Projects or studies closely related to Thesis connected with some additional tasks

For example:

An international sport management seminar abroad connected with the EASM (European Association for Sport Management) Annual Conference ( with preparatory work and a lecture diary and/or:

The American Model of Sport (George Mason University, Manassas, Washington D.C. USA) and/or:

Studies closely related to development of personal competencies or individual field work. Optional studies are included in the personal curriculum.

Cooperation with the Business Community: Depends on the optional studies selected. The aim is to network in Sport Conferences and seminars or individual work related to one’s employer and get deep knowledge of the subject

International Dimension: Depends on the optional studies selected. Seminars abroad. Own field work either abroad or in Finland

Teaching and Learning Methods: Individual work (lecture diary, individual field work or other task)

Teachers Responsible: Outi Kangas-Korhonen and Kari Puronaho

Course material: to be advised

Assessment Criteria: Evaluation of lecture diary and additional tasks, scale failed/passed. Evaluation criteria for individual tasks to be agreed later since they depend on the content of the optional studies selected