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The Guest Experience Project

The Guest Experience Project


The Guest Experience Project aims to increase demand and provide equal opportunities for the attainment of post-secondary qualifications in the hospitality industry, to low skilled and disadvantaged individuals.

The project is reaching out to those people, who are already working in the Maltese Tourism and Hospitality Industry; however, who would like to refine their skills/knowledge to be more up to date with the current industry. The aim is to reach out to vulnerable and low-skilled people (ex: mothers, immigrants, people with a low level of education etc.) to give them support, guidance and initiative to go out in the industry and work.

The project is divided into several sections:

  • Pre-Accession Course (an online ICT Course)
  • Advanced Course: Haaga-Helia, Insitut Paul Bocuse and ITS would create course content in the House Keeping, Customer Care and Food Handling Areas to be delivered to the participants.
  • Specialised Course: The Participants would have to opportunity to do a work placement in the local industry at hotels, restaurants etc.

Coordinator: The Institute of Tourism Studies (Malta)

Project manager at Haaga-Helia: Teemu Moilanen

Duration: 1.8.2018 - 31.8.2020

Partners: Haaga-Helia UAS (Finland), Institut Paul Bocuse (France), TCTC (Malta), Malta Hotels & Restaurants Association (Malta)